Level Editing

Tanner’s Ridge Treehouse, Original Mod, Skyrim Creation Kit, 2013-2014

This original player home was my fourth mod using Bethesda’s Creation Kit.  I used Skyrim models and textures to create a fully voiced, custom scripted mini quest.  I worked with other members of the modding community in the position of team leader, and this project taught me to keep accurate documentation of versioning between iterations.  To date, this is my most successful mod and has received the most community endorsements and recognition on the Skyrim Nexus main page as a ‘Hot File’.  Click here to view the mod website. The first video below is my trailer for the house. The second two are reviews by strangers who do Skyrim mod blogs.

The Bottomless Pit, Original Mod, Skyrim Creation Kit, 2012-2013

My third mod in the Creation Kit sought to reinvent the way Skyrim could be played by introducing a new mini game. Taking a break from the massive second project I undertook to learn weather and scripting, the Bottomless Pit was my first speed-designed dungeon. It focused less on visual perfection and more on playability. I designed each level using snaps and grids in the editor with themed kits of premade meshes. The process taught me how to quickly construct an environment with pre-made assets.  I used my newly acquired knowledge of scripting to make difficult physical puzzles rarely seen in vanilla Skyrim environments. The mod enjoyed enough success that I expanded it multiple times. Also, community feedback taught me to balance the difficulty of the dungeons to meet the desires of users. Click here to view the mod website. See the trailer below and couple of my favorite YouTube reviews (one is in Russian!).

Proudspire Manor Inventor’s Spire & Suite, Original Mod, Skyrim Creation Kit, 2012

Proudspire Manor was my first modding project for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I set out to fix bugs with the original home and add modifications that can be bought in installments from the local property owner. Inventor’s Spire was the first major release and was purely cosmetic. The second, Suite, added a master bedroom with an external-facing window and expanded the crafting and enchanting area in the basement. The mod represents all the things I felt the most expensive house in the game should have. The biggest hurdle was self-learning the new editing tool. It was challenging to advertise the mod and package it with the Creation Kit software, as well. It’s available on Skyrim Nexus. Click here to view the mod website.

The Room of Encumbrance, Original Mod, Skyrim Creation Kit, 2013-2014

This YouTube playlist is a complete walkthrough of my Room of Encumbrance mod with commentary. My second project in the Creation Kit, it was an incredibly ambitious mod. There is a long quest, original characters, several different locations, a massive interior dungeon, books, items, custom weapons and armor, a ghost vendor, and many monster battles and puzzles. It’s greatest success was the scale and depth of the quest and environments, as well as the 100+ custom scripts I wrote. The greatest failure was that it never got to reach a playtest audience. After a failed launch, I pulled the mod from the Nexus in order to fix it. Perhaps I will re-release it in the future.