Graphic Design

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Puzzle Banners for Locurio, Illustrator CC, 2016



An entertainment company in Seattle, Washington called Locurio commissioned 4 large vertical banners for a new puzzle hunt they will be running for corporate groups. The theme of the event is a New Year’s Eve party in 1960-61 at a the Monteverdi, a hotel and casino somewhere in Europe. My goals for this project were to capture mid-century modern design aesthetics, capture the look and feel of each banner’s purpose (casino, magic act, bar, lounge singer), create beautiful crisp line art completely in vector, use OpenSource google fonts, incorporate Locurio’s hotel logo and magician stock images into the design, use public domain stock images, generate vectored halftone patterns, and accurately/ legibly embed all of Locurio’s text-based clues in the banners. Disclaimer: the misspellings in the posters above are intentional per client’s request.

Fukuoka JET Departure Handbook cover, Photoshop CC, 2016

Departure Handbook Cover

I had made a name for myself in the JET community as a graphic designer, so I was commissioned by the Prefectural Board of Education to redo the cover of the Departure Handbook for 2016. The previous 3 year’s cover designs appeared amateurish, so I sought to make a more professional cover.  I used Art Deco style because it embodies Western-Japanese fusion, much like the JET Program. At the time I was highly influenced by the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s space exploration poster series Visions of the Future. The color scheme and translucent layering is more aligned with iOS 7’s motif by Jony Ive. These elements and influences represent the multicultural melting pot and internationalization the JET Program hopes to achieve merged with my own ideals for graphic design.


Fukuoka JET Orientation Manual cover, Photoshop CC, 2015

Tonkotsu Ramen

I was commissioned by the Prefectural Board of Education Orientation Committee to design the cover of the Orientation Manual for new incoming language teachers in the Summer of 2015. I made a series of three cover designs highlighting famous items from the prefecture. The final cover that was chosen was the bowl of “pork-bone” ramen, a local delicacy. The noodles take the shape of the Fukuoka Prefectural symbol which appears on the regional flag and was the common element included in the cover designs from the previous 3 years.


The Lover, Photoshop , 2011

The LoverThe Lover Detail

This was a commissioned work for a private client. The client wanted a panel of a robot-geisha in a mange-like Art Nouveau style. He wanted the content to closely resemble the characters and design from the animated series Ghost in the Shell. The inspiration  for the client’s concept was the song “The Lover, the Dreamer, and Me.” This work is part of a triptych. Some work was completed in Illustrator after scanning several composite drawings, then detail work was completed in Photoshop. The final print was on canvass.