Game Concepts

Divination, Collectable Card Game, Photoshop + Print, 2016

card game sample

I designed a collectable card game and tested it at a game jam in Tenjin-Fukuoka, Japan. There are currently over 200 cards in the basic set. I did paper prototyping, and 5 separate iterations of the game and card layout so far. Eventually, I want to simplify the rules to lower the barrier of entry (make it easier for new players) and expand it to 4 players.

Von Pixel, Platform Game Concept Art, Photoshop/GameSalad Creator, 2014

These still screens are concept art for a 2D platformer called “Von Pixel.” It’s a mystery mansion full of rooms, secret passages, items, puzzles, and macabre imagery. The design is inspired by the classic NES game Shadowgate. So far I have designed 25 screens, but my goal is to finish 100 screens and program a demo in Unity 2D.

Untitled, Puzzle Game Concept Art, Photoshop, 2013

These composite images are part of a concept for a mystery puzzle game. By typing clues into the text field, the game would return a response or a hint. The game was inspired by a web-based puzzle game called The Stone Monument. These puzzles require a lot of patience and internet research to complete. I’m always very curious about enigmology and puzzle creation, so this is a project I routinely revisit. I want to program a a game for touch devices utilizing these puzzles in a 3D environment. The end goal would be a game that looks back through the obscure histories of the paranormal as you explore deeper inside a ruin from an unknown time. From inside the game, you would scour the internet to unlock its secrets.

Away Team, Match-3 Style Game Concept Art, Photoshop, 2013

My wife and I are huge Star Trek fans. After the reboot, my wife wanted me to create a puzzle game that was cute and colorful in 8-bit like ZooKeeper, but with her favorite characters from the original series. Away Team is a project I made while learning GameSalad. The game was intended for mobile devices. Away Team is a match-3 Bejeweled style game. The player tries to rescue the stranded crew of of a starship from impending doom by collecting their atomic structure and beaming them back. The game is still incomplete as I struggle to learn the maths required to check arrays for matching sequences.